The makings of a bistro and espresso bar began over 40 years ago.
EST. 2021

Our story

Le Petit Bistro is the culmination of a desire and passion that began 40+ years ago when I worked at a small delicatessen my mother bought in 1980. Drawing on my father’s French-Canadian heritage, my mom’s new business was named La Petite Deli and quickly established a following for housemade soups, sandwiches and desserts. We also operated a small catering business on the side with a focus on quality, fresh foods.

La Petite Deli was sold ten years later. At the same time, I graduated from college with a business degree and went on to work in marketing and advertising for over 30 years. However, my desire and passion for creating innovative cuisine continued; weekends were spent decompressing in the kitchen and taking cooking classes. In 2007, my husband David and I started a catering company called La Petite Cuisine, LLC and focused on high quality and thoughtfully sourced local ingredients, all while pondering the idea of opening a brick and mortar at some point in the future.

Ann Shultz, owner

Coffee culture

Independent specialty coffee houses have played a vital role in shaping coffee culture as we know it today. Highlighting how passionate attention to detail results in a perfectly brewed cup of coffee and skillfully crafted espresso, we are proud to join this community of artisan creators.

Meaningful connection

From the farmers who grow the beans in the far reaches of the world and the roasters who bring out just the right sweetness, to the barista who methodically pulls the perfect shot of espresso and the customers who enjoy it over good conversation, brewing the perfect cup of coffee creates meaningful connections each step of the way.

Our vision

The vision for Le Petit Bistro grew from a desire to bring high quality food and specialty coffee to the local community, all while building on the success of two previous family businesses. Our mission is to offer a warm and welcoming environment for people to enjoy thoughtfully prepared coffee and espresso along with house baked pastries, creatively inspired food and great conversation.

On the tracks

Visit us soon

We look forward to sharing our appreciation for good coffee, espresso and food. You will find us right on the tracks at 3490 3rd Street in Hubbard, Oregon.

Bon appétit!

Ann and David Shultz, Owners

Our values

What we care about

Social equity and environmental consciousness are important to us. That’s why our specialty coffee and espresso are made from locally roasted beans that come from an ongoing and trusted relationship with Caravan Coffee in Newberg, Oregon.

We strive to foster a community where our differences and unique life experiences are celebrated. Le Petit Bistro welcomes people of every gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, socio-economic status and religion.

We are committing ourselves to implementing practices that have a meaningful impact in the fight against climate change in these ways:

  • Partnering with small, local and sustainable farms to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Partnering with humane-certified vendors to ensure that the animals sustaining us are happy and healthy
  • Implementing a reusable to-go container/cup program to drastically reduce waste

We prioritize meticulously crafted food and drink ensuring we serve you the highest quality product possible.

We strive to engage with customers in a real and genuine way creating a unique and trusting experience.