Land Acknowledgment

Recognizing the story of this land

Atfalati, Ahantchuyuk and Kalapuya territory


The Willamette Valley

As a new business taking root on land that is colonially known as Hubbard, Oregon, Le Petit Bistro would like to recognize that we are occupying Atfalati, Ahantchuyuk and Kalapuya traditional and contemporary territory. The Atfalati, Ahantchuyuk and Kalapuya are three of over 30 tribes that are included in the federally recognized community of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. 

In order to participate in the preservation of Indigenous cultures rather than the historic and continued erasure, Le Petit Bistro is committed to continually educating ourselves about the Peoples who have existed in mutually beneficial relationships with this land long before our ancestors forcibly removed them from it. 

While land acknowledgment is merely the first step forward in supporting Indigenous communities, we aim to use the platform that we have to celebrate and amplify the work, art and cultures of Indigenous Peoples in this area. It is our sincere hope that our customers will join us in this incredibly vital work.