Why go reusable?

Le Petit Bistro is excited to forge the way to sustainability with our reusable to-go container program for both food and drink. At the heart of our quest is a commitment to prioritizing environmental justice as many, if not all, social justice issues are intricately intertwined with the relative health of the surrounding air, water and lands. Because of this, our primary goal with the reusable to-go container program is to limit the amount of single use waste that is produced as a result of our daily operation, and to limit economic barriers to participation.

How the program works:

1. Take your to-go order in one of our reusable containers and opt into the program with a one time deposit per container:

$2/$3 for drink/soup containers

$3 for sandwich/toast/salad containers

2. Enjoy your tasty food and drinks zero-waste style!

3. The next time you visit Le Petit Bistro to place an order, bring your reusable container with you.
Your order will be served up in a reusable container again and no further purchase is necessary for the container. Your initial deposit covers your participation in the program for as long as you keep choosing zero-waste!

BONUS: Every time you place an order and take it in one of our reusable containers, you’ll receive a stamp on our reusable to-go container stamp card. Fill the card and get a free, freshly baked cookie!

We are so excited to see the difference our community can make in reducing the Bistro’s single-use paper and plastic waste. If you have any further questions about the program we would be happy to answer them the next time you come in to see us!

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