Le Petit Bistro Awarded Grant for Sustainability Efforts

Le Petit Bistro will partner with Woodburn’s IZO PR & Marketing to market its innovative reusable program to the Latino market.

HUBBARD, ORE. 29 MAY, 2024 – Le Petit Bistro has been awarded a grant from Marion County Environmental Services in the amount of $9,950 to continue to support its sustainability program in 2024. To minimize waste, the Bistro launched a reusable to-go container program for both food and drink upon opening in 2021. This year, they plan to use grant funds to increase awareness of the program and specifically target the Latino market. Le Petit will partner with Woodburn’s IZO      PR & Marketing to help manage and guide the work. IZO is a multicultural marketing agency specializing in creative campaigns that resonate with Latino audiences.

“IZO deeply understands the Latino community’s culture, language, and values and we are eager to apply our knowledge and experience to spotlight Le Petit’s dedication to environmental stewardship and community values,” said Anthony Veliz, President and Owner of IZO. “Our strategic focus will accentuate Le Petit’s reusable to-go container program to minimize their carbon footprint as well as their use of local products and partnerships with small sustainable farms with ethical sourcing.”

Le Petit’s reusable program consists of customers opting in by paying a small one-time deposit to take their food or drink in a reusable container. They can choose to bring back their reusable container on future visits and continue to take their food and drink in them, preventing disposable cups and boxes from going to the landfill.

To celebrate World Environment Day 2024, Le Petit plans to give away free reusables to all customers who order food or drink to go on Wednesday, June 5. Customers can choose from reusable drinks, soup, or sandwich/salad containers without paying the one-time deposit.

“Our hope is to mitigate one of the barriers to participating in the program by giving away reusables on World Environment Day,” said Le Petit Owner Ann Shultz. “We also hope that by giving away reusables on this day, we will increase the number of customers participating in the program and magnify our efforts to decrease environmental impact.”

In addition to its own sustainability efforts, Le Petit has also been thoughtful about sourcing from sustainable partners like Caravan Coffee in Newberg, Oregon, and Lady-Lane Farms in Mulino, Oregon. Caravan sources their coffee beans from all over the world making sure they meet strict social, environmental, and traceability requirements. Lady Lane Farm is a small, traditional, sustainable dairy that prides itself on its efforts to be environmentally friendly, with the highest regard for the well-being of the livestock. Lady Lane also packages their milk in returnable glass bottles.

Learn more about the Le Petit Bistro and its sustainability program on their website at