Sustainability Grant Helps to Fund Reusables Program

HUBBARD, ORE. 9 JUNE, 2022 Hubbard’s Le Petit was recognized for its novel reusable to-go container program by Marion County Environmental Services.

Le Petit Bistro has been awarded a $10,000 grant to support its sustainability efforts including the launch of a reusable to-go container program for both food and drink, on a scale that has yet to be attempted in the central Willamette Valley. To minimize waste created by the bistro, customers are given the option of taking their food in a reusable container by paying a small deposit.

“At the heart of our quest is a commitment to prioritizing environmental justice whenever possible as many, if not all, social justice issues are intricately intertwined with the relative health of the surrounding air, water and lands,” said Le Petit Sustainability Coordinator McKenna Shultz. “Not only do we want to ensure our operation has as little negative environmental impact in this region as possible, but we hope to serve and uplift an area that has limited access to food and drink options outside fast food chains.”

The program is available for Le Petit Bistro customers now and participants are encouraged to use the provided containers or bring their own, with both being eligible for an incentive program.

In addition to the container program, the grant from Marion County has also allowed Le Petit to establish a farm-to-table garden just outside its doors. The Bistro plans to grow much of its own produce and herbs needed for several menu items, over the warm summer growing months.

In addition to their own sustainability efforts, Le Petit has also been thoughtful about sourcing from sustainable partners like Caravan Coffee in Newberg, Oregon and Lady-Lane Farms in Mulino, Oregon. Caravan sources their coffee beans from all over the world making sure they meet strict social, environmental and traceability requirements. Lady-Lane Farm is a small, traditional, sustainable dairy that prides itself on its efforts to be environmentally friendly, with the highest regard to the well-being of the livestock. Lady-Lane also packages their milk in returnable glass bottles.

Learn more about the Le Petit Bistro and their sustainability program on their website at

Le Petit Bistro is located at 3490 3rd Street in Hubbard and is open Tuesday through Sunday from 8 am to 3 pm. You can reach them at 503-982-3195 or online at and on Facebook and Instagram. You can also mobile order food and drinks and have it ready when you arrive for pick-up or curbside delivery. Simply download the Joe app on your app store and search for Le Petit Bistro.