“The spinach and sundried tomato quiche with scrumptious crust was such a hit at our auction event. And the dessert was super divine!”

Patsy Hamer

"We often hired Ann to cater lunch when we had meetings at Woodburn Company Stores or when we hosted special guests. She was always amazingly professional, creative, hard-working and had the best food that was beautifully presented and perfectly prepared. She created the menus according to our budget and our audience, and it was always delicious! I still remember and crave some of her specialties, even years later. I hope she serves some of them at the new Le Petit Bistro!"

Kristy Kummer-Pred

“I was impressed with every detail of your service, from the exquisite menu you created to the gorgeous meal you presented. Our home was filled with wonderful aromas of herbs and fresh fruit which made the anticipation for dinner even greater!”

Nicole Miller

“From the grilled prawns with citrus aioli and bruschetta with peach salsa and melted brie to the grilled salmon, roasted asparagus and chocolate almond truffle tart with fresh raspberries… the food was plentiful, absolutely delicious and beautifully presented.”

Ellen and Pete Steen

“Our dinner party was truly a gourmet experience and the food was better than anything the Pearl District has to offer. Everything was prepared to perfection with fresh, local ingredients.”

Linda Wilmes-Smith

“A beautiful cocktail hour, featuring an abundant variety of charcuterie and delicious cheeses was a must for our Oregon wine country wedding. Our tasting with Ann and David was the absolute highlight of the wedding planning. They were incredible to work with and exceeded our every expectation. Our guests are still raving about our show-stopping cocktail hour.”

Claire and Ricardo Ruiz-Gonzalez